The First Step to Living the Tiny Life: Downsizing

The biggest question on everyone’s mind when they start thinking about the Tiny Life is “Where do I put everything?” Owning very little is certainly not the only aspect of living a Tiny Life but it is certainly the most identifiable and probably the most difficult thing to overcome.  I have been trying for a … More The First Step to Living the Tiny Life: Downsizing

Pioneering Is Hard Work

I could call this post “Nobody Sits Down Until All the Work is Done” or “Lessons on Sustainability” or quite honestly, “How the Hell Did Pioneers Settle This Country???”   At our cabin, there is no heat and no running water.  And because it’s still only March, all the available water is still frozen.  There is … More Pioneering Is Hard Work

The Wish List

Can winter please be over now?  Not that I’m not enjoying the beautiful, fluffy white stuff.  It makes the roads kind of snotty (as my Dad said), but in all honesty it hasn’t been an extremely cold winter.  (Of course, maybe last year’s seven weeks of -35 C has changed my perspective of “cold”.)  Bob … More The Wish List

How It All Started

On December 20th, 2014, I got the keys to my first piece of real estate.  A cottage. This may not sound like such a tall order to most, especially because almost everyone owns at least a house.  Except that I made a few financially questionable decisions in my life and while I certainly don’t regret … More How It All Started