The Four Gifts of My 42nd Year

I turned 43 on June 22nd.  But being once a student and now a teacher, as well as sharing the day with my parents’ wedding anniversary, my birthday has never really held much expectation for me.  My birthdays have generally been overshadowed by bigger events or simply buried under the hustle and bustle of end-of-school-beginning-of-summer … More The Four Gifts of My 42nd Year


What Does It All Mean?

There seems to be so many different aspects to living the Tiny Life.  There’s all these different ideas to understand that are differently defined yet inherently linked to each other.  There’s intentional living, sustainable living, white space, minimalism, the slow movement, I’m sure there are more.  Every time I do some research on one of … More What Does It All Mean?

Mindful Eating

One big aspect of mindful consumption is food and eating mindfully.  This includes being aware of what goes into our bodies, being aware of where it comes from and making sure that my eating practices don’t cause unreasonable harm to animals and the environment. (By “unreasonable”, I mean that I understand animals are killed for … More Mindful Eating