The Harvest Apron

I’m putting the positive energy out into the universe. I finished this harvest apron today as a symbol of my commitment to my garden this year. O, Mother Earth, I will forever be grateful if I can harvest and eat even one vegetable that I’ve grown from seed. … More The Harvest Apron


Observing the Sabbath

Soldier Boy and I are very motivated people when it comes to the cabin.  We are far better at imagining upgrades, finding materials and putting it all together for the cabin than for the house.  When we are at the cabin, there is always something to do.  Always something we can do better.  Everything we … More Observing the Sabbath

It’s Been a While…

This year has been strange so far.  I seem to recall last year, we had been up and working on the cabin from the beginning of May.  This year, I feel like we’ve hardly accomplished anything. This post is going to be completely unorganized.  Because my thoughts are completely unorganized.  You know why?  Because the cabin … More It’s Been a While…

The Closet Project

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a year now.  So here it is. For New Year’s 2015, I made a resolution unlike any I had made before.  I wasn’t going to promise to get more active or cut down on my wine consumption (I realized that was a complete pipe dream years ago) or … More The Closet Project

The Buy Nothing Project: Building Community and Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

When I talk about living the Tiny Life, the first thing that comes to mind is a small living space.  And then people consider the lack of stuff.  Then there’s self-sustainability aspect and the financial freedom that comes with it.  But there are two ideas that come to mind that might not be entirely obvious:  building … More The Buy Nothing Project: Building Community and Reducing Our Carbon Footprint