The Trash to Treasure Table

I’m not above scavenging from other people’s garbage.  Especially in my neighbourhood.  My neighbourhood is a DIY-er’s heaven.  I live in a neighbourhood where people throw out perfectly upcyclable items ALL. THE. TIME.  I am not judging.  If people want to toss these items instead of donating them or upcycling, that is their right.  In fact, … More The Trash to Treasure Table


The Drunken Dartboard

A couple of Christmases ago, I found a Sons of Anarchy dartboard in one of those shops that sells cult TV show paraphernalia.  I bought it for Soldier Boy because he’s an avid fan of the show and we had recently refinished the basement of our house so we actually had space to play darts.  But because … More The Drunken Dartboard