This Year’s Projects

For the last week or so the temperatures have been above 0°C and the snow has started to disappear.  Not that we had a bad winter.  It really only started to get cold in January and then it really only started to snow in February.  And now it’s looking like at least another week in these tropical … More This Year’s Projects


The Pallet Deck

The land on which our tiny cabin sits, and the surrounding area, is scrubby and varied.  There are rocky hills and mossy rocks, trilliums and a floor of needles and maple seedlings.  You must always watch your footing so that you don’t trip over a root, a rock or unexpectedly step down into a divot. … More The Pallet Deck

The Wish List

Can winter please be over now?  Not that I’m not enjoying the beautiful, fluffy white stuff.  It makes the roads kind of snotty (as my Dad said), but in all honesty it hasn’t been an extremely cold winter.  (Of course, maybe last year’s seven weeks of -35 C has changed my perspective of “cold”.)  Bob … More The Wish List