Living Without Electricity

Well, we’re not entirely without electricity at the cabin.  We do have some electrical function through batteries.  But we’re still off the grid which means we have a mere fraction of the electrical output that most people use on a regular basis when connected to major electrical companies. And it certainly has its challenges.  But we … More Living Without Electricity


It’s Been a While…

This year has been strange so far.  I seem to recall last year, we had been up and working on the cabin from the beginning of May.  This year, I feel like we’ve hardly accomplished anything. This post is going to be completely unorganized.  Because my thoughts are completely unorganized.  You know why?  Because the cabin … More It’s Been a While…

The Rocket Stove

Ever heard of a rocket stove?  Neither had I. But see, that’s the beauty of sharing my life with a soldier, who also happens to be a Prepper.  A Pragmatic Prepper, of course, in case of natural disaster.  We do live in Canada and we have been known on occasion to get some pretty crazy winter … More The Rocket Stove

The Pallet Deck

The land on which our tiny cabin sits, and the surrounding area, is scrubby and varied.  There are rocky hills and mossy rocks, trilliums and a floor of needles and maple seedlings.  You must always watch your footing so that you don’t trip over a root, a rock or unexpectedly step down into a divot. … More The Pallet Deck

How to Fix a Leaky Roof When You Have No Money and No Know-How

We first noticed the leak in March when we went and spent three days at the cabin in the winter.  It was -23 and we stoked the cook stove until it was a broiling 25C inside our wee cabin.  And that’s when we heard it.  The incessant <drip, drip, drip>.  The snow on the roof … More How to Fix a Leaky Roof When You Have No Money and No Know-How