Let Vacation Begin!

Here I am!  Finally at the cabin for 3 and a half weeks to do almost whatever I want! Almost…because we still have a room to put back together.

To be fair, I’ve been on vacation for three weeks already.  But I was in the Adirondacks for the first four days and then Iceland for two weeks.  Which was absolutely incredible!  If you like being outside, surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes, YOU. MUST. GO.  But that isn’t exactly the same as being on vacation at my beautiful, peaceful, rustic, quirky, tiny, fixer-upper cabin in the woods.

I already know what I’d like to do while I’m out here.  I’d like to take this time out here at the cabin to do things that add joy to my life.  I’d like to pick up the guitar for a bit every day and practice some of my favourite campfire songs.  I’d like to whittle away at the pile of books I always put aside when I’m working.  I have a plan to start every day with yoga outside.  I even downloaded a yoga app (Down Dog) to keep myself motivated.  I’d like to spend some time on my photography (after travelling around Iceland, I realized I really do need more lenses.)  I’d like to take the dogs for looooong walks and let Lewis the Lurcher run to his heart’s content and to let the Old Hound sniff every pine needle and acorn until he’s too tired to bark at all the squirrels.  I would also like to spend some time organizing my work brain; you know, take some time to really reflect on practices, read up on new methodologies and to refine my delivery of content to better meet the needs of those I work with.  Often, there just isn’t enough time to do that while we are working.  I also need this quiet time, away from the noise and hustle of the city, to figure out a few things in life.  Nothing major but I just turned 41 and as an absolutely brilliant quote from Brené Brown says, “Midlife: when the universe grabs your shoulders and tells you “I’m not fucking around; use the gifts you were given.”  I’d like to use this calm and mindful space to figure out what my gifts are, what my priorities are and how I can better contribute to the world.  Living Tiny isn’t just about not having a lot of space; it’s about living more intentionally and working towards living by the ideals in which you believe. Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to write.  Every day.  Perhaps it will be interesting enough to post online.  Living out here for 3 1/2 weeks, I’m bound to come across some challenges (for example, washing my hair with no running water, doing laundry in the Scrubba or ingenious ways of cooking meals.)  Not to mention, I’m still compiling stories of Iceland for my Steph the Wayward Pilgrim blog.

I feel that making this list of things to do will remind me not to spend all day every day of my time out here working on the cabin.



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