The Plan

We have a plan.  A crazy plan.  A hare-brained, adventurous, madcap, wild plan.

We want to live in our tiny cabin for at least one calendar year.

This is not such a big deal in our beautiful Canadian summers.  But we want to see if we can survive this tiny cabin on a three-season access road through the raging winds and arctic temperatures of a typical Canadian winter.  With no heat except that from a wood-burning cook stove.  With no running water.  With no indoor plumbing.

At this point, this plan would fall clearly and decisively in the foolhardy and reckless category.  There is no insulation, the roof still leaks, the cook stove doesn’t have an adequate hearth or even a heat shield.  We have only one small solar panel that provides us with light but nothing else. We have a lot of work to do before our tiny little paradise in the woods is realistically habitable year-round.  We are giving ourselves an approximate timeline of five years for upgrades and renos.

Then, the real adventure begins.  Looking Out


One thought on “The Plan

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