This Year’s Projects

For the last week or so the temperatures have been above 0°C and the snow has started to disappear.  Not that we had a bad winter.  It really only started to get cold in January and then it really only started to snow in February.  And now it’s looking like at least another week in these tropical … More This Year’s Projects


The Rocket Stove

Ever heard of a rocket stove?  Neither had I. But see, that’s the beauty of sharing my life with a soldier, who also happens to be a Prepper.  A Pragmatic Prepper, of course, in case of natural disaster.  We do live in Canada and we have been known on occasion to get some pretty crazy winter … More The Rocket Stove

The Drunken Dartboard

A couple of Christmases ago, I found a Sons of Anarchy dartboard in one of those shops that sells cult TV show paraphernalia.  I bought it for Soldier Boy because he’s an avid fan of the show and we had recently refinished the basement of our house so we actually had space to play darts.  But because … More The Drunken Dartboard