Tiny: A Story About Living Small

We sat downstairs and watched this movie last night. It’s on Netflix and it’s only an hour long.  But it brings up a lot of really good food for thought if you are considering moving towards the Tiny Life.  As I’ve mentioned before, this movement is not just about living in a smaller, more efficient space, surrounded only by the things you love, it’s about financial freedom and intentional living.

As we were watching it with my 11-year-old stepson, he marvelled at how someone could live in such a tiny space.  It was a really open and honest discussion about the difference between needs and wants.  We asked him if he would mind living at the cabin full-time (which is 500 sq. feet and is bigger than most tiny homes).  He had no problem with that.  In fact, he loved being out there in the summer, having everyone so close to him and being able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors as a part of the lifestyle with the people you love.  We explained that the Tiny Movement isn’t just about tiny spaces but living in a way that allows you to be happy most of the time.  He seemed to enjoy the conversation and I hope that he carries it with him for a long time.


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