2017: The Year of Mindful Consumption

Happy New Year! So the New Year is upon us and it’s the season for resolutions!  Personally, I’m not very good at resolutions.  They quickly peter out within the first month.  But I’m really good at experiments.  In 2013, I did The Photo-A-Day Project.  In 2015, I did The Closet Project.  And now 2017 is going … More 2017: The Year of Mindful Consumption


The Rocket Stove

Ever heard of a rocket stove?  Neither had I. But see, that’s the beauty of sharing my life with a soldier, who also happens to be a Prepper.  A Pragmatic Prepper, of course, in case of natural disaster.  We do live in Canada and we have been known on occasion to get some pretty crazy winter … More The Rocket Stove