A Tiny Life is a Happy Life

Every time I tell someone about the cottage, at some point, I almost apologetically say, “It’s small.  But it’s a place to get away.”  I’ve heard others say it as well.  “I have a cottage/cabin/camp/homestead as well.  It’s small but it’s on x amount of land.”  Or “It’s small. But it’s enough for us.”  As if somehow small … More A Tiny Life is a Happy Life


Pioneering Is Hard Work

I could call this post “Nobody Sits Down Until All the Work is Done” or “Lessons on Sustainability” or quite honestly, “How the Hell Did Pioneers Settle This Country???”   At our cabin, there is no heat and no running water.  And because it’s still only March, all the available water is still frozen.  There is … More Pioneering Is Hard Work